Lost Apes lore

The planet Earth is aging. Resources are scarce. The humans are spreading their influence all over the world and the living space for other species is becoming insufficient. 

Some more intelligent species are feeling a need to change the environment, because they can. During many generations, they’ve collected enough knowledge to explore the Universe. So far they’ve been not far away from Earth and never touched deep space.

Nowadays it’s all changing.

There is no more space for several intelligent species using the same resources. The change is inevitable. 

Alpha and the most knowledgeable Apes have sat down. Discussed for hours. Ape, who studied the whole life the Universe, came up with idea to leave the Earth.

There are more life-friendly planets out there. The closest solar system is Alpha Centauri. With 3 suns and similar planet called Proxima b or also α-cen-earth. Maybe it is still empty, without real intelligent life. Maybe they’ll have to fight for their right to be there and build the tribe. All of that risks are worth to take comparing it to situation on Earth.

Decision has been made.

The Lost Apes will fly to another solar system. Explore completely new planet and settle there. It is one way ticket. They have resources to only one flight. It is 4,2 light years away and they cannot come back. Either they will survive and prosper or die out. They voted to go.


It’s not a short journey. Apes have to pack their tools and belongings. Some will take spears, rifles, bananas and others have to take care about baby Apes. The whole tribe is on the move. Lost Apes are searching for a new home in the deep space.


On the way there, they’ll have several stops to refresh themselves, fulfill the resources, food and stuff. What is going to happen on the Earth #2? 


They know only a little about new planet. No one has been there before. No one can share the experience. Based on the known facts Proxima b has different gravity, content of the air, ultra-violet and x-rays intensity. If there are going to be intelligent species, they’ll be different. What skills are they going to have? What level of intelligent life can Apes expect? Will it be a hostile or friendly environment? 

Many questions and challenges which are awaiting the Apes. 


On the arrival of Lost Apes, they need relax a bit and they aren’t afraid of tasting the fruits, veggies and flowers on the new planet. It’d be a tough time for them as Alien Ape tribes are strong and know the homeland. Luckily for Lost Apes, there is unexpected help on the way. Once they eat Power Flowers they are able to morph into two apes. Lost Ape & Lost Ape Hybrid. Hybrids are looking different and they are more adaptable to new living conditions. The Lost Ape tribe will double. 

Alien Apes are still strong and have advanced tools, but now Lost Apes have significantly bigger tribe with several enhanced skills.

The real fight and battle can start. Who is going to be the winner? Both will survive? Can they co-exist and share the resources?


Only the future will tell us. 


They’ll meet, communicate, fight, share and …