Lost Ape Centauri travelling to Earth #2

Lost Apes are travelling from planet Earth to a new solar system Alpha Centauri on Earth #2. Will you help them to get there? Journey will be wild. What if new planet has a different gravity, oxygen, plants, water and maybe alien Ape Tribe living there? If Lost Apes eat Power Flowers on the new planet they might transform to Lost Ape Hybrids.


What is the story of Lost Apes ?

The  Apes are  feeling  that the living space on planet Earth is becoming insufficient for them. The Alpha & others in ape tribe decided to look for the new planet to live.

The another closest solar system is Alpha Centauri. 

Journey has began.

Lost Apes packed their tools and belongings.

They’ll fly to the solar system with 3 suns and planet possibly very similar to Earth. 

It is α-cen-Earth. Shortly between apes called Earth #2. 

They are not aware of living conditions on the new planet. What a different gravity, atmosphere and plants might require to survive for the new species? What if they won’t  be alone there? Alien Ape Tribes might be friendly or opposite.

Let’s together lead  them to the new world, collect many & many benefits during a journey and start to explore the opportunities on Earth #2.

Enjoy the ride, fam.    

Evolution of Lost Apes

  • 279 Traits in 11 layers

    Fur, Head, Eyes, Mouth, Neck, Ears, Clothes, Tools, Background, Tattoos, Glasses

  • 7 Lost Apes with 1/1 rarity with 500 $ADA prize to win

    Lost Ape Alpha Neo, Golden & Silver Robots, Zombie ... and many surprises

  • Pro Wildlife collaboration

    Part of royalties will be regularly donated to Pro Wildlife company to support animals and mainly Chimps.

  • Community vault + $ADA staking rewards sharing

    100% ADA staking rewards are shared with Lost Ape owners. 50% as $ADA airdrops and 50% as other projects NFTs airdrops

  • NFT specification

    2800x2800 PNG format, storage ipfs.io, full ownership and further free usage

  • Utility

    Regular $ADA crypto currency airdrops to Lost Ape owners a.k.a. dividends (staking rewards share) , Battle royale game for Lost Ape NFTs owners a.k.a. P2E with $ADA and NFT prizes, Other NFT projects airdrops to Lost Ape owners, Free airdrop of Lost Ape Hybrid NFTs, $LAC token free airdrop, free entry pass to IRL and online meetups, VIP whitelist access to any new mints, prizes for found hidden spoilers and messages on Lost Ape NFTs, joining growing community and ecosystem backed by super Cardano experienced doxxed team ...

  • 5 reasons why to mint & hold Lost Ape NFTs

    High Society Lost Ape PASS airdrop, NFTs airdrop from other projects, $LAC token airdrop, Hidden spoilers & messages with $ADA and NFTs prizes, 500 $ADA prize for each 1/1 Lost Ape NFT minted

Hidden spoilers ... e.g. "All of us are dead" Korean TV series

Current NFTs in community vault to be airdropped after Lost Apes mint

Minting rewards

500 $ADA reward for each 1/1 NFT mint (7 NFTs per collection) 

Random airdrop of 5 Lost Ape NFTs 

Hodling rewards

Airdrops of $ADA, Lost Ape NFTs, NFTs from other projects

$ADA Staking rewards share 

Airdrop of Lost Ape Hybrids

$LAC Token rewards (spend for merch & NFTs or swap for other tokens )

LAC P2E game access (strategy game of building, fighting and tribe growing with your unique Lost Ape NFTs)

DAO voting power

Exclusive Merch 

IRL & Virtual meet-ups access


Lost Apes are gonna fly. It’s 4.2 light years away. Apes will need some refresh and getting stuff to prepare for landing. Wild ride and journey has began. 





Co-Founder / Visionary / Community / Cardano & NFT fan
Europe, currently many years living in Germany. On crypto journey since 2012. I love NFT with utility, innovative tech & all about universe. Hey almost forgot, I love Apes too. Author of the first ever published book about Cardano ecosystem & NFT.
Petr Stich

Petr Stich

Co-Founder / Artist / NFT & Apes lover
Born in Czech Republic. What's up? Lost? I love Apes and NFT art. 10+ years of experience and I've worked for several big brands such as Paramount Network, Warner Bros., Sony and Marvel. My major focus is Lost Ape Centauri collection and I will also work on Lost Ape Hybrids.


Travelling between USA and Czechia. Being in community circle gives me a spectacular energy. 12 years and counting in marketing field. I help with my experience from online world and many exciting trips around the globe.


Artist / Pets lover / Space travelling dreamer
Czech Rep./Africa. Alpha Centauri journey? Check me in! 8 years like artist sometimes very busy, sometimes just busy. I work on Lost Ape Centauri collection as second artist and focus on future collection of Alien Ape Tribe.

4444 Lost Apes

22nd October 2022

Super WL 35 ADA


Public 45 ADA

During a mint, you will be able to choose how many Apes you wanna purchase. Options 1,2,3,5 and 10 per transaction. You can repeat purchase again.

To get Super WL and WL spots, join us on Discord 

Super WL benefits (50 spots):

  • Lowest mint price for Lost Ape NFTs
  • Earliest mint possible
  • Mint up to 10 Lost Ape NFTs per Super WL member

WL benefits (888 spots):

  • Lower mint price than public mint
  • Several hours before public mint, 1 or 2 Lost Ape NFTs per Tx


LAC Team is happy to answer & clarify your questions.

There is AMA channel on Discord, join us HERE and ask us anything.

Never send $ADA from exchange wallets. Use supported wallets Nami, CCvault, Daedalus, Yoroi, ADALite or others.  

In case that all NFTs are already minted, the $ADA amount will be returned. 

All Lost Apes NFTs are randomly picked during minting with nft-maker PRO

Eager to see your freshly minted Lost Apes? Visit pool.pm , click on search icon, enter your address used for purchase.

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